Do I need Songtrust and BMI?

If you’re not yet registered, Songtrust can take care of that and cover any fees for you. In short: a local performance rights organization like BMI is needed to collect your performance royalties where as a company like Songtrust is handy to make sure you collect all the different royalties owed to you.

Do I need Songtrust?

If you’re regularly receiving royalties from your PRO as a writer, and don’t want to set up a vanity publishing company, then you should absolutely join Songtrust. Otherwise you’re potentially leaving 50% of your royalties on the table.

Does Songtrust register with BMI?

On BMI, you would register the song under your name at 200%. This is because you have full ownership of both the writer’s and publisher’s shares. With Songtrust, you would register the same song under your name at 100%, and we would automatically recognize the publisher’s share based on the writer’s share.

Do I need Songtrust if I have a publisher?

Songtrust is a publishing administrator that registers songs and collects royalties on behalf of our clients. … If you have never registered a publishing entity before, don’t worry; Songtrust will act as your publisher and appear on your registrations.

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Why do I need Songtrust?

We can help you collect mechanical and international royalties directly. We also help you manage your current PRO’s catalog to more accurately collect performance royalties. You can also use Songtrust to manage other songwriters, register live performances worldwide, and collect all of the royalties you are owed.

Can you trust Songtrust?

Both these platforms are great – it just depends on the type of artist you are. Publishers and songwriters need Songtrust to collect mechanical royalties, but if you own your master recordings and/or are a performing artist, you should certainly think about registering with SoundExchange as well.

Is Songtrust a one time fee?

One-time registration fee per Songtrust writer.

Do I need Songtrust with DistroKid?

DistroKid is not a music publisher that offers publishing services, they are a music distributor that distributes music to online stores and streaming services. … They do not offer additional music publishing services but instead recommend Songtrust for music publishing.

What’s the difference between Ascap and BMI?

It gets a little confusing, but they’re essentially talking about the same money split up in exactly the same way. It’s just that ASCAP uses percentages that are based on total performance royalties (thus 50/50), while BMI splits those halves FIRST, and then distributes 100% of each half to the appropriate entities.]

Do I need to register as a publisher with BMI?

At BMI, you need not affiliate a publishing entity in order to receive publishing shares, as we pay all royalties (writer and publisher) to the composer on any self-published works. … Please note that while composer affiliation is free, there is a one-time fee to affiliate a publishing company with BMI.

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How much does it cost for BMI?

Unlike some performing right organizations, joining BMI as a songwriter is free. There are no fees or annual dues of any kind for songwriters and composers.

How much does SoundExchange cost?

There is absolutely no fee when becoming a member with SoundExchange. Current benefits include: Maximize your revenue through foreign royalty collections. SoundExchange has more than 46 collection agreements with counterparts in 35 countries worldwide.

What percentage does Songtrust take?

Songtrust takes a 15% commission on all royalties we collect on your behalf.

What percentage does SoundExchange take?

Artist & Rights Owner Menu

We have paid out more than $7 billion in royalties since our first distribution. Under the law, 45 percent of performance royalties are paid directly to the featured artists on a recording, and 5 percent are paid to a fund for non-featured artists.

Is Songtrust the best?

They will collect all of your royalties for a flat-fee on registration and 15% commission. In a nutshell, Songtrust is by far one of the best publishing administrators. Even with a few cons here-and-there, Songtrust is able to satisfy all the songwriters they serve.

What is the difference between SoundExchange and BMI?

What is the difference? Answer: The royalties SoundExchange collects and distributes are for the featured artist and the sound recording copyright owner. ASCAP, BMI and SESAC collect and distribute royalties for the songwriter, composer and publisher for the musical composition.

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