Quick Answer: Why does West Virginia have the highest obesity rate?

Stern says there’s a handful of reasons for it, including the state’s socioeconomic status, the lack of dieticians, and even an excess of fast food places. That high rate of obesity also brings along a handful of other physical problems, like joint pain and diabetes.

Where does WV rank in obesity?

The prevalence of obesity in West Virginia was 37.7%, which was 1st highest in the nation. The prevalence of obesity was significantly higher in Fayette, Logan, and McDowell counties than in the rest of the state. More than two-thirds (70.9%) of West Virginia adults were overweight or obese, the 2nd highest in the U.S.

Is West Virginia the fattest state?

(WSAZ) -A recent study by WalletHub shows West Virginia is considered the fattest state in America. The study lists Kentucky as fourth, and Ohio at 14. … West Virginia also ranks in the top 5 for highest percent of obese adults, however the lowest percent for overweight adults.

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What percentage of West Virginia is obese?

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Only Mississippi, at 40.8 percent, ranks higher than West Virginia, at 39.7 percent, for obesity among adults in the latest report from the Trust for America’s Health.

What state has the highest obesity rate?

Mississippi, West Virginia, and Arkansas are the U.S. states with the highest percentage of their population who are obese. The states with the lowest percentage of their population who are obese include Colorado, Hawaii, and Massachusetts.

What is the leading cause of death in West Virginia?


WV Leading Causes of Death, 2016 Deaths Rate***
1. Heart Disease 4,767 191.0
2. Cancer 4,659 182.2
3. Accidents 1,705 89.7
4. Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases 1,599 62.1

How Unhealthy Is West Virginia?

West Virginia ranks worst in the nation for obesity, diabetes, hypertension and smoking rates. … According to the 2018-2022 State Rural Health Plan, compiled by the West Virginia DHHR Bureau for Public Health, West Virginians feel mentally unhealthy 31 percent more often than the average American.

What is the skinniest state?

The state, however, didn’t fare as well as Colorado, rated the skinniest state by WalletHub, with Utah, Hawaii, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia rounding out the slimmest five stats. Mississippi was ranked fattest, followed by West Virginia, Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee.

What is the fittest state?

Fittest States in America

Rank State Strength %
1 District of Columbia 40.6
2 Colorado 39.3
3 Hawaii 37.9
4 Vermont 39.7

What is the healthiest state?

The 10 States With the Healthiest Populations:

  • California.
  • New Jersey.
  • New York.
  • Massachusetts.
  • Connecticut.
  • Hawaii.
  • Colorado.
  • Minnesota.
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How does West Virginia rank in health?

Health Status

West Virginia ranked 2nd highest nationally in the prevalence of general health of adults as either fair or poor. More than one-fourth of West Virginia adults (26.3%) considered their health to be either fair or poor.

Where does WV rank in diabetes?

Percent of adults with diabetes

Rank State Diabetes Rate 2019
1 wWest Virginia 15.7%
2 YMississippi 14.8%
3 BAlabama 14.0%
4 pTennessee 13.8%

What is the obesity rate in California?

6 states had an obesity prevalence of 35 percent or higher among non-Hispanic White adults.

Prevalence of Self-Reported Obesity by State and Territory, BRFSS, 2019.

State Prevalence 95% CI
California 26.2 (25.1, 27.2)
Colorado 23.8 (22.7, 24.9)

What is the fattest city in America?

Fattest Cities in America

Fattest Cities in America
1. McAllen, TX 11. Chattanooga, TN
2. Memphis, TN 12. Tulsa, OK
3. Baton Rouge, LA 13. Augusta, GA
4. Little Rock, AR 14. Greenville, SC

What is the fattest state in America 2020?

Mississippi has the highest adult obesity rate in the country at 40.8 percent and Colorado has the lowest at 23.8 percent. Twelve states have adult rates above 35 percent, they are: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia.

What is the fattest country?

Nauru is the most obese country, with 61% of its population having a BMI higher than 30.

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