Did Destinee lose weight?

By the time Destinee made it to Houston to see Dr. … At this rate, I give myself a couple of months.” Ultimately she did great on Dr. Now’s program and was able to have gastric bypass surgery, as a result, she down to 440 pounds and was a total loss of 269 pounds, as reported by The Sun.

What happened to Desiree From My 600 pound life?

Although she was approved for her weight loss surgery, Dr. Now had her undergo therapy to help her deal with the guilt, grief and loss she still felt from Anthony’s death. By the end of her episode, Destinee had undergone gastric sleeve surgery and dropped down to 440 pounds, losing 269 in total.

Did James ever lose the weight?

James Took the First Steps

Getting to Houston on My 600-lb Life is just the first step in any TLC weight loss journey. Because of his initial weight on the TLC show, James Jones wasn’t approved for surgery. He had to put in the work to drop the weight before he got the seal of approval.

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How much weight did Zsalynn lose?

After losing 378 pounds, she ditched the dead weight of her unsupportive husband too.

Why does Crystal on my 600 pound life have a beard?

First, she says she’s a diabetic and that she suffers from high blood pressure. But, she reveals that she has nerve damage in her stomach from stretching out so much. Lastly, she talks about how she has PCOS, which causes her to grow a lot of facial hair.

Has anyone from my 600lb life died?

Robert Buchel died of a heart attack in 2017

New Jersey native Robert Buchel became the first person to die while filming his episode of My 600-lb Life when he passed away of a heart attack on November 15, 2017, according to Starcasm.

Did Coliesa McMillian die?

Coliesa McMillian, of the TLC show My 600-Lb Life, has died at age 39. On the show, Coliesa called her heart a “ticking time bomb.” Her family says she died after experiencing complications after undergoing surgery.

Are James K and Lisa still together?

Lisa and James ended had children together, though Lisa was married at the time, so James wasn’t given the opportunity to raise his own kids. He points to the stress of not being fully in his kids lives as a source of steady weight gain.

How old is Dr now?

76 years (October 11, 1944)

Are Erica and Jimmy still together?

Erica began that journey at a peak weight of 661 pounds. … episode, she’d dropped a further 100-plus pounds, for a total loss of nearly half her peak weight. In addition, Erica had rekindled her romance with paramour Jimmy — and, as we wrote in our last update on Erica, the couple’s romance is still going strong today.

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What does Zsalynn look like now?

Zsalynn currently lives in Texas and shares regularly on Facebook and Twitter happier pictures of herself. … Zsalynn is with her current fiance, Jack Lapp. Anyone can clearly see that she has found the love of her life. She is also a happy mom who enjoys some screen time with her daughter.

Is Lupe from my 600 lb Life still alive?

Unfortunately, Renteria passed away in 2019 due to kidney problems. Lupita confessed on Facebook how devastating Renteria’s death was for her. Despite these personal challenges, Lupita tries to remain positive on social media. She captioned a 2019 Facebook photo of herself as “Mz.

Is Pauline Potter still alive?

Deceased (1908–1976)

Did crystal from my 600 pound life lose weight?

Eight months into her weight loss journey, Chrystal made a breakthrough in her weight loss journey. She weighed in at 498 pounds when she followed up with Dr. Now — meaning she had lost 66 pounds over two months and 114 pounds in total. Weight loss surgery was finally within reach.

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