Frequent question: What did Slim do to four of his pups?

Slim reports that he drowned four of the puppies immediately because their mother would have been unable to feed them. Carlson suggests that they convince Candy to shoot his old, worthless mutt and raise one of the pups instead.

What did Slim do to four of his pups why what does Lennie want George to ask Slim?

He hopes to one day “tend rabbits” when he and George get their own farm. In chapter two Carlson asks Slim about his dog’s litter of puppies while George and Lennie are listening. Carlson’s plan is to put down Candy’s dog and offer the old swamper a puppy as a replacement.

Why does George let Slim give Lennie a puppy?

When Lennie pleads with George, saying, “I didn’t mean no harm . . . I jus’ wanted to pet ‘um a little,” Lennie’s puppy symbolizes Lennie’s innocence, his vulnerability, and how he doesn’t intend to hurt the puppy but can’t seem to understand how his actions could be dangerous.

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Did slim kill Candy’s dog?

Simply put, Slim does nothing to stop the shooting of Candy’s dog. Slim is a “doer.” He is not one who resides in the vision of what can be.

What did Slim do Lennie?

Upon suggestion from Carlson, Slim decides to give Lennie one of the puppies that his dog just gave birth to. This is the kind act that Slim does for Lennie.

Why did George kill Lennie?

George kills Lennie by shooting him in the back of the head to save him from a more painful death at the hands of Curley, who has vowed to make him suffer for the death of his wife.

Who Killed Candy’s dog?

Carlson shoots Candy’s dog because it is old, sick, and no longer able to work as a sheep dog. Carlson says the dog “ain’t no good” to Candy, unable to see that the dog still has value as Candy’s friend and companion.

Did Lennie kill a puppy?

Lennie accidentally kills his puppy, probably by squeezing him or hitting him too hard. … Not knowing his own strength, Lennie was too rough with his puppy and ended up killing it. Like the dead mouse he had at the beginning, Lennie continues to stroke it because it’s soft.

How did Lennie’s puppy die?

What happened to Lennie’s puppy? … Lennie’s puppy died because he handled it too roughly; he killed it. He knows George is going to be mad, and he thinks George won’t let him tend the rabbits now.

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What does Lennie killing the puppy foreshadow?

In Of Mice and Men, Lennie’s killing the puppy foreshadows his murder of Curley’s wife. It is the same love that Lennie has for soft things that makes the puppy’s fur and Curley’s wife’s hair so appealing.

Why does candy not want to kill his dog?

On the simplest level, Candy doesn’t want to kill his dog because he loves it and remembers lots of great times they had together. On a more symbolic level, Candy knows that shooting the dog would be like shooting himself. (His dog is old and weak; he is disabled.

What chapter do they kill Candy’s dog?

In Chapter 2, Lennie sensed that the ranch is not a safe place for them. Chapter 3 brings that prophesy to light with a number of occurrences that are dark and violent. The death of Candy’s dog and the crushing of Curley’s hand are situations that have repercussions later.

What does Candy’s dog symbolize?

In the world Of Mice and Men describes, Candy’s dog represents the fate awaiting anyone who has outlived his or her purpose. … Although Carlson promises to kill the dog painlessly, his insistence that the old animal must die supports a cruel natural law that the strong will dispose of the weak.

What does George’s conversation with slim reveal?

What does George’s conversation with Slim reveal about his past treatment of Lennie? Georges conversation reveals that Lennie was adopted and George would take care of him. Why does George trust Slim? Slim is respected for his skills on the ranch, good attitude towards everyone, and respectful manner of confidence.

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How does Slim make sure that Curley won’t get George and Lennie fired?

how does slim make sure curly doesn’t get George and Lennie fired? He told Curley he will tell everyone what really happened and it will ruin his ego.

What details show that Curley doesn’t love his wife?

What details show that Curley does not love his wife? Because he wants to find Lennie and murder him even though he should stay with his dead wife.

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