How does SP work on slimming world?

In your slimming world booklet or on Slimming World online you will see some of the free foods listed with either an S (for speed) or P (for protein) next to them. On SP you eat only those S and P foods, but ½ of your plate at least should be speed foods.

How do sp days work on slimming world?

The initials in SP relate to the words Speed and Protein and, as the name suggests, the idea behind an SP day is to only eat speed and protein foods. The standard Food Optimising plan says you can have whatever Free foods you want, as long as you have 1/3 speed on the plate.

How many SYNS is an SP day?

“And members following the Extra Easy SP plan (a plan designed to further boost their weight loss) will be advised to enjoy a maximum of 10 Syns per day.

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What can you eat on SP Days Slimming World?

What is Slimming World Easy Extra SP? It’s quite straightforward really and is centred around the principle that you fill your plate only with S and P foods (speed and protein). So that means no potatoes, rice, pasta, Muller Lights, or other regular free foods that you might have at meal times.

Can you have healthy extra B on SP days?

* An Extra Easy SP day will allow two Healthy Extra ‘a’ choices and only one Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice but the daily syn allowance will be capped at 10.

Can you have SYNS on SP days?

Remember you can only eat the S and P foods, so while you can use your syns on some peanut butter or similar if that’s what you fancy, you can’t use your syns on a packaged meal that contains pasta, using a free foods allowance to calculate the syns, as remember pasta is one of the foods off bounds on your SP week.

Are baked beans SP on slimming world?

Due to new nutrition information, a handful of Free Foods that were previously labelled as ‘P’ (or protein-rich), such as baked beans, broad beans, mung beans and all varieties of peas (except split peas), will no longer be marked in this way.

Can you have yogurt on SP days?

Gold Member. If you want to follow SP 100%, then no because it is neither a Speed nor a Protein food. However, the members book does say that if you really want other Free foods on SP then you can, ‘but to truly power up your weight loss, stick with SP’.

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Can you have Hifi bars on SP?

Can you have hifi bars when SPing? FMF1 – technically yes as the dish would have some free food allowance for the potato, however I know some people would say that this is ok ( same theory as the yoghurt discussions above!)

Are bananas free on slimming world?

this time, it’s that Bananas are not a Free Food at Slimming World, and even worse, that you’ve got to count them as Syns! … Many diets and eating plans discourage bananas but with Food Optimising bananas are Free Food so are perfect for snack attacks and sweet cravings.

Are baked beans a speed food?

It has changed quite a bit, as I’m sure baked beans used to be super free or something, now they’re not even Speed food. … It shows they’re high in fibre and protein, but just a normal ‘free’ food. Hth.

Why can’t I lose weight on slimming world?

Try logging what you actually consume, including your Healthy Extra choices and your Syn allowance. If you are asking; Why am I not losing weight on Slimming World? The answer will be within those logs. Consciously keeping a record of your intake can really help you stay mindful to what you are consuming each day.

What does C mean on slimming world?

Some free food have these various labels added on to denote they’re: (S) Speedy food (they’ll fill you up with far fewer calories) (P) Protein-rich (they’ll keep you fuller for longer) (F) Fibre-full (they’ll keep things moving) (C) Calcium-rich (they’ll stop you having teeth like a row of condemned houses)

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Can you have chickpeas on SP days?

Note: Beans, Peas & Lentils are SP friendly including beans canned in tomato sauce. Note: All types of lean meat, unflavoured quorn and plain tofu are SP friendly.

Can you have 2 healthy extra B on slimming world?

When you’re Food Optimising you’ll choose two measured Healthy Extra ‘a’ options (for calcium) and one measured Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice (for fibre) each day. We’ve added a Healthy Extra ‘a’ and ‘b’ choice each day (feel free to enjoy your second Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice however you choose).

How many SYNS are crumpets?

2 1/2 syns per crumpet | Slimming world treats, Slimming world free foods, Slimming world recipes syn free.

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