What Indian food can I eat on slimming world?

What’s the best Indian takeaway to have on slimming world?

Chicken Tikka Masala (360g) – 14.5 syns. Chicken Makhani (380g) – 16.5 syns. Chicken Korma (360g) – 16.5 syns. Chicken Pasanda (370g) – 20 syns.

What is the lowest syn Curry?

The lowest syn Indian dishes, at a glance are Lamb Rogan Josh or Chickpea Dahl.

  • Fish Dishes. Prawn Bhuna – average portion (380g serving) 10 syns. …
  • Vegetable Dishes. Vegetable Samosas – 2 small, 7.5 syns. …
  • Lamb Dishes. Lamb Bhuna – average portion (350g serving)12 syns. …
  • Sides. Lime Pickle – 1 level teaspoon 1.5 syns.

Is chicken tikka pieces syn free?

If you are wanting a close to syn free option then Chicken Shashlik is a nice choice (chicken tikka pieces with cooked tomatoes, onions and peppers) or a Chicken Tikka Main (just don’t have any of the curry sauce that comes with it). Things to avoid would be naan breads, cream based dishes and obviously chips.

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How many SYNS is a paratha?

If you cook without the oil ie mix the flour and water it is 3 syns for a medium chapatti (that excludes any butter/marg on top!) Mine are small and very thin so I allocate 3 syns each.

What’s the best curry to have on slimming world?

Indian Takeaway/Restaurant Slimming World List

  • Chicken Tandoori – average portion (340g serving) – 9 Syns.
  • Chicken Tikka Balti – average portion (375g serving) – 11.5 Syns.
  • Chicken Tikka Masala – average portion (360g serving) – 14.5 Syns.
  • Chicken Vindaloo – average portion (360g serving) – 8 Syns.

What’s the lowest calorie Indian curry?

 Veggie curries – cauliflower, chick peas, lentil (dhal), aubergine or spinach – are good for boosting filling fibre.  Dry dishes, such as tandoori, tikka or bhuna, are usually much lower in calories than those with sauce. Tandoori has around 370 calories per serving.

Is Chicken Tikka good for weight loss?

Simply avoid fried chicken or chilli chicken prepared in restaurants, as they are loaded with calories. Better still, have homemade chicken tikka, tandoori or roasted chicken, chicken soup or chicken salad for best benefits.”

How many SYNS is KFC?

KFC Syns – Slimming World – Updated 31st January 2017

Kentucky Fried Chicken Popcorn Chicken (each) ½
Kentucky Fried Chicken Popcorn Chicken (1 regular) 9
Kentucky Fried Chicken Mini Fillet Burger (each) 14
Kentucky Fried Chicken Toasted Twister, Original (each) 24
Kentucky Fried Chicken Big Daddy Burger (each) 32½

How do you thicken a curry?

How To Make Curry Sauce Thicker

  1. Cooking without the lid. In order to thicken the curry sauce, we suggest the simplest thing first. …
  2. Lentils. Adding a tablespoon or two of red lentils would help thickening Indian curries a bit. …
  3. Coconut milk or Yogurt. …
  4. Cornstarch or Arrowroot powder. …
  5. Mashed potatoes. …
  6. Ground nuts. …
  7. Roux.
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How many SYNS is beef in black pepper sauce?

Mains. Beef in Black Bean Sauce (550g) – 8 syns.

How many SYNS is Pataks tikka masala sauce?

4.25 syns per half pot | Tikka masala, Patak’s, Tikka.

How many SYNS is chicken tikka kebab?

If it was chicken carved from the big rotating kebab (cant think of how to describe it) then it will be 5 syns for a small kebab or 8 syns for a large kebabs worth.

How many SYNS a day are you allowed?

Step 3 – Choose Syns

But Syns also includes foods found in the Healthy Extras, allowing you to eat bigger portions of these foods if you want them. Regardless of the plan you choose to follow, you are allowed five to 15 Syns a day.

How many SYNS is a plain Poppadom?

Poppadoms in the microwave – 0.5 syns each – and yummy with the minty yogurt I’ve made!!

How many SYNS is a small naan bread?

The recipe below is worth 32 Syns and it will make approx. 10 mini naan bread. You are welcome to make larger or smaller naan but remember to Syn accordingly.

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